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A Private Equity Management Corporation registered and regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia


At a glance

Crewstone International Sdn Bhd is a Private Equity Management Corporation registered and regulated by the Securities Commission Malaysia, established in 2011 by Izmir Mujab and Datuk Wira Jalilah Baba. The company began as a financial advisory firm, assisting Malaysian companies in capital raising and deal structuring to maximise returns. 

Since then, the company has evolved and shifted its focus towards its asset management services and private investments through acquiring stakes in companies within the region or provide debt instruments that are collateral-backed. 

Today, Crewstone International is a private equity firm with a diverse portfolio of investments across a range of sectors including capital markets, logistics, healthcare, green technology, automated manufacturing, ICT, and e-commerce. We have a strong network of regulators and government agencies in the ASEAN region, allowing us to optimise solutions and drive success to our clients.

Our Services


Fund Management

We provide comprehensive fund management services as a General Partner, from the initial set-up to the exit stage. Our expertise lies in identifying target companies with high growth potential in the market.

Additionally, we cater to High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) who require bespoke fund criteria.


Capital Raising

We help small and medium-sized businesses with limited financial background and assets secure funding through our innovative and specialized techniques, as well as our privileged network of high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional investors.


Financial Advisory

Utilizing our proficiency in organizing projects, government contracts, and concessions, we aid our clients in maximizing their profitability and sustainability while mitigating risks through our one-of-a-kind approach that ensures the longevity and sustainability of the project.


Bridge Financing

We have partnered with financial institutions approved by BNM to offer micro-financing of up to MYR 5 million to our clients, including short-term loans, revolving credit lines, and other loan options with a maturity of 12 months, enabling us to meet the needs of clients looking to sustain their projects until they can secure long-term financing.

Industry Focus

Industry 01


Industry 02

Automated Manufacturing

Industry 03


Industry 04

Renewable Energy

Industry 05

Financial Technology

Industry 06

Real Estate



Let's embark on a unique journey of discovery and see how our expertise can bring added value to you.

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