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Financing SMEs

One of the biggest challenges for local SMEs is funding. Initially, business owners use their own – often limited – savings, or that loaned from family and friends. Some entrepreneurs and business owners also approach Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists to gain access to a larger sum of capital once they have set their business plan or idea in motion. 

Once the business starts to expand, entrepreneurs may need to source for additional financing, most probably from the various government agencies and authorities. But with so many available financing channels, it is the ability to differentiate between them and identify the most suitable financing option that determines the continued growth and future of the SME. 

This is where we come in. One of our strengths is our ability to assist SMEs to acquire the necessary funds, thus propelling their business growth. Because we are extremely well-versed with the various funds and application processes, we are able to streamline the process and increase the success rate for SMEs to obtain funding and assistance, be it from government agencies, venture capitalists or angel investors. 

In fact, one of our strengths is matching businesses with potential investors through specially-created platforms that enable both parties to meet, network and explore opportunities. The “ASEAN Investment Opportunities Showcase” that we recently organised in the Silicon Valley, USA, was one such business-matching platform between 50 ASEAN growth-stage companies and selected American angel investors, private equity investors and VCs.

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